Tuesday, May 28, 2013

little mormon

i love to share this wonderful experience we had:))all the elders in our district we had a Community Service Project,we help one of the less active family in my area,we painted a house and we laugh,enjoy and we build a strong friendship relationship:))

in this mission i found my bestfriend that was my close elders and my true friend and that was elder mahaffey:))i enjoy helping people through this short service as what Jesus Christ did when he was on earth he did many miracles..all of us we can do miracles its just depend in our faith and we believed taht we can do hard things..i believed that our great purpose is to make people happy by living the gospel:))if we do that we can help them build their faith,help them to repent,and draw closer to god by baptism by someone who holds the right authority to baptized which is the Priesthood:))

draw closer to god by acceting the missionaries in your area,listen to thjem and accept the fulness of the gospel:))