Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God is Merciful

since i got here in the mission field,i really appreciate and feel the love of our savior Jesus Christ,everytime i am weak or i'm in a hard times i used to pray..i do really feel his presence as long as we pray in faith,sincere heart,and with real intent and believing he will answer..i testify that he will manifest all things..

being a missionary or a servant of God is not easy,there are many problems concerning  the people,there are many rejections and the people love arguements,but we dont care about those things,we always think that its just a trial of faith,because though we are missionaries God is still testing our faith if how we are devoted in our purpose as a missionaries..i love resolving concerns of the people and we also love inviting people to come unto christ by having faith in christ,repenting of  their sins,being baptize by someone who holds the preisthood of God..receiving the gift of the hole ghost and endure to the end by keeping the commandments og God..

i testify that if we bring one soul to our father in Haeven how great shall be our joy..

Ilove being a missionary:))